Fake Craigslist ad of the week April 5 2016

Where da white girlz at? M4w Roxbury

Yo’ listen to dis shit, ima be reelz I’m like 2 fitty shoulda been a pro baller then I caught this felony bullshit. I’m looking for a white girl wit dat plump ass, and some big ol’titties. My dream shorty is like fitty pacent Kim Kardashian and fitty pacent Adele, and fitty pacent J-Lo, and fitty pacent That old white bitch that cooks food.

Yo catch this rhyme girl, I made it for you:

I’m dat dude wit the biggest debt

Don’t be hating we ain’t met,

Imma stick my tongue in yo ass

I’m a real player straight outta mass

You can give me a handy and all dat shit

You say I gots to wear a rubber

I’m yo hood rat lover

And you gone make a nice single momma


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