Americas newest reality show a big hit

The newest reality show “American President 2016” is a record breaker.

So far the captains of the two tribes are Republican Tribe Captain Donald Trump and Democratic Tribe Captain Hillary Clinton.

Viewers have voted off several contestants so far this season. The concept of the show is to “vote” for who gets to be the American President for the next four years. Former contestant from the Republican Tribe Christopher Christie from New Jersey has formed a partnership with current tribe captain Donald Trump of New York . Another former contestant Benjamin Carson, a Doctor from Florida, has yet to decide who he pledged his support for. The top six contestants remaining are:

Republic Tribe:

*(C) Indicated current tribe Captain

(C) Donald Trump, a New York businessman

Marco Rubio, a Teenager from Florida

Ted Cruz, the only Canadian on the show

Johnathan Kasich from Ohio
Democratic Tribe:

(C) Hillary Clinton from Arkansas

Bernard Sanders from New York and Vermont.
The top six are now competing to whittle the field down to the top one contestant from each tribe who will then go head to head in a sudden death elimination round in November.


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