A fun way to watch a movie

Ok, we all hate when someone ruins a movie, but sometimes you get dragged to a movie you’ve already seen and you’re bored as shit.  Here’s a fun way to spoil everyone else’s time with a catchy sing a long.    When the music rises to a crescendo to heighten a tense scene where the bad guy is going to jump out and strike in typical Hollywood predictable fashion, create a diddie to go along with it.  Sing out loud, “And he’s hiding in the closet, but he’ll jump out soon, jump out soon, jump out soon, cuz that’s what always happens!!!  And he’ll grab a knife and slicer her up, slice her up in the morning!!  I know this cuz I’ve seen in before, seen it before , seen it be…….fore and you haven’t!!  Then he gets away, goes and hides in the mountains, la la la la la.  He’ll wait it out, then come back down and kill some more, all the live long day oh!!   The the cops will come and arrest his ass, and place him in the jail… oooo.   But he’ll escape from there, and that is the end of the movieeee, cuz jail people are so stuuuupid!!  Dum dum dum, dum dum dum, jailers are frigging idiots.  Everybody come on, sing along!!”


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