Reality Show War coming to FOX?

A new reality show we pitched to FOX could be making its way to the airwaves soon.  The pitch was very simple, and the greedy cocksuckers at FOX were literally drooling on the oak conference table as we discussed the show, whose budget is nothing more than the cost of a helicopter ride.  10 contestants are chosen to participate from the usual cabal of fame seeking idiots.  The contestants only have to have one characteristic to be considered, they need to be alive, cuz on this show they will be getting killed.  The ten ‘winners’ are flown to an area of the globe where the US is currently engaged in war.  The folks will be air dropped right onto the battle field during a major skirmish in broad daylight.  A loudspeaker will announce their arrival, and they will not be bearing arms due to the liberal medias’ hatred for guns.   As the US Army will not be notified of the drop, both armies on the field will consider the falling bodies to be’enemy combatants;’ therefore its unlikely that anyone will hit the ground alive.  The winner will be determined after a search for body parts years later when its safe to walk the area.

Tentative show titles are:

Syrian Bred 

Who wants to be an amputee?

Keeping up with the Kurds


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