Women Joining the workforce completely destroyed the fabric of American society

Back in the good ole days when a woman’s job was to make me a sandwich and not run a multi-national corporation, America was a better place. There are so many reasons why women should stay home and no it’s not because they suck at working real jobs, it’s because ever since they left men in charge of making their own food; we’ve been fucking up BIG TIME. The good ole days saw mom cooking a complete breakfast every morning so dad could go to work and bull shit around with the other men, now that mom is out working she ain’t got time to be cooking no complete breakfasts so what’s a man to do?? Enter Dunkin Donuts; back in the 50’s and 60’s Dunkin Donuts made coffee and a signature donut that you could “Dunk” into your coffee.  But as more and more women entered the work force more and more men looked for a quick fix for breakfast, which started with the cereal boom of the late 1970’s – 1980’s and as we enter the 2000’s all of a sudden a coffee joint is cooking eggs– the eggs you’re wife is supposed to be cooking you. Obesity has skyrocketed …..why?   Men are eating upwards of 16 donuts a week.


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