In case you haven’t seen this lurid depiction of transvestites, here is a synopsis of the hit film, should you be lured into watching a re-run on cable.  Robin Williams plays a father who is separated from his wife (Sally Field) because they have nothing in common except for the fact they both yearn to women’s shoes, tight skirts and scented panties.  Robin misses his family, so he decides to transform into a 60 year old tranny, replete with giant adam’s apple, and apply for the job of his children’s babysitter.  Sally hires the puffy crotched old bat to watch her kids, because she is out of her fucking mind- just like in real life.  The children and their mother love their new cross dressing nanny, even though she leaves the toilet seat up and the bathtub looks like the floor of a Paul Mitchell Hair Salon.

Mrs. Doubtfire uses her time off to spy on his ex, who is dating a handsome man who apparently suffers from tremendously poor vision.  Mrs. Doubtfire keeps spoiling the man’s advances on Sally by pelting him with fresh fruit and lathering up the man’s underwear with Ben Gay.  Sally eventually discovers (weeks and weeks after any normal person would have); that the bra wearing, panty sniffing baby sitter are the same person.  She admires her husband for his efforts, but deep down she craves sex with her new beau, since his crotch smells like mint julep and he has large pieces of Edible Arrangements stuck to his ass.  She finally gives in and goes back to her husband because deep down she is a closet lesbian.


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