Beantown Beatdown prediction off

Our crack staff of prognosticators and lollygaggers predicted a big win for the Carolina Panthers.  The Broncos ended up defeating the Panthers in Super Bowl which has caused a bit of unrest inside our mobile van.  Our predictor machine spit out a score of Carolina 45 and Denver 14, so we predicted a blowout.  However, the data that was inputted was faulty and we fired the culprit; a female staffer named Linda, whose lawyers requested we keep her last name out of the news.  So we will honor that request, and not supply any of the major affiliates with the name Linda Brottlier, who we should mention is an untalented waste of a human.  We had the teams inputted correctly, and rosters were updated with all the latest injuries, however the flaw Linda inputted was that all the players were male.  No female in fact has ever played in a Super Bowl.  However, anyone who watched the late 4th quarter play where Newton fumbled and then looked at the ball like it was a live grenade and turtled on the field had to be convinced the quarterback has XX chromosomes and only wears a cup so his vagina doesn’t get chafed.  Cam left solid gender clues all year with his post touchdown dance recitals, but sadly Linda sucked at her job and failed to note the massive bread crumbs being laid down by Mrs. Newton.


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