sPedbox movie review: Black Mass

Black Mass

Running time 2hrs 3 minutes (could have probably shaved three minutes and made it 2hrs, but no they didn’t )

Let me first say that when my wife said we were going to watch Black Mass, I expected a comedy with Ice Cube, and a bunch of black people attending church— I was a tad disappointed that this is the name they went with for a “Whitey”Bulger movie.

**Also a small disclaimer as the version I saw had Chinese subtitles and I don’t speak chinamen.

Ok so this flick has Gilbert Grape portraying James “Whitey” Bulger and the gay guy from The Imitation Games as his brother Billy Bulger. The chick from 50 Shades Of Grey is Bulger’s girlfriend.

There’s a lot of ass kicking and stuff so if you like that you’ll like this, if however you want a movie with a shit ton of black people screaming “Praise Jesus” then you too were mistaken by the title and this is not the flick for you.


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