Peyton Manning accused of using HGH

A story that was first broken by Al Ja zeera of all outlets, has Peyton Manning on the defensive.  The story alleges that Manning took HGH after his neck surgery in 2011.  Manning’s lawyer responded vociferously. “Manning did not take performance enhancing drugs, and we can prove it.”  The lawyer then strode over to a small TV set in his office, pressed play and cued up a series of videos showing Manning tossing interceptions, getting sacked and chucking wobbly ducks all over the pitch.  The video ended, at which point the attorney turned off the set, peered into the camera, and said, “Those were his best plays of the season.  Performance enhancing my fucking ass.  If he took HGH, he better get a fucking refund.  I’m saying if he was on drugs, it was mind altering shit like heroin or coke.  Blow it out your ass America.”


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