Five gifts for the sociopath in your life

This Christmas make sure you get the perfect gift for that special sociopath you know and love.

Police Radio 5-1 app.

  1. For the sociopath that thinks the world is out to get them, give the gift of listening in on their police departments radio traffic.
  2. Does your sociopath believe that the New World Order is moments away from total domination of the world? Then grab a Brita  water filter. For some reason Alex Jones hocks water filters during his conspiracy rants so why leave this off the list?
  3. No sociopaths life is complete without an AR-15. Whether it’s to feel safe at home or to kill a shit ton of people this item is a must have this Christmas season.
  4. A great addition to #3 is the M203 grenade launcher. It fits under the barrel of the AR-15 and is designed to kill multiple people in a single launch.
  5. New Freezer, if your sociopath is also a necropheliac then grab them a nice freezer to store body parts til Spring.

Merry Christmas Motherfuckers!!!


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