Nutella refuses to put Isis on its jar

Nutella, the company that makes the top selling fruit spread, was running a campaign whereby customers could request their name to be on the product.  For example Timothy Flanders of Everett MA recently purchased a jar online, and was shipped a product that had a label marked “Timothy’s” Nutella.  Massive erections all around.

Point is, a woman whose daughter is named Isis was refused the same treatment, and the woman took the airwaves to fight the discrimination.  “It’s just a name, she shouldn’t be made an example of, she’s obviously not in Isis!” stated the woman, whose name is Eva Braun.   Her husband Josef had this to say as he scooped a hunk of Nutella out of his jar marked ‘Mengele’s Nutella’, ” I find it abhorrent to do this to my daughter.  She’s a bright young girl who has been harmed by the public knowing who she is and where she lives.  She’s eating out of a plain jar now, the poor thing, while across the table our little boy Lenin gets his Nutella marked, but we will win this battle in court and win the right for the name Isis to go on her favorite flavor of this product. We may even push to get her middle name on there…. Qaeda.  Also I want to add tha meeh rett, and ther firss, ” he went on, but Nutella had clearly become lodged to the roof of his mouth.


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