Homeland for real

The hit show Homeland which airs on Sunday nights has let out a little secret.  The show uses real guns and real terrorists to make the action seem more realistic.  A producer who asked to remain anonymous named John Snyder said in an interview with Beantown, “We can’t publicly out our actors as terrorists, or we will lose half our crew to deportation.   But along with being great actors, many of the Middle Eastern men and women in the show truly hate me and wish me dead.  I went to take a piss in the trailer on Monday and had to duck as a machete came swiping across my skull.  I turned to the actor and said, “Do that again, we weren’t filming.”

Quinn, one of the good guys in the show, recently starred in an episode where he froths at the mouth after breathing in Serafin, a toxic metal.  Quinn was lauded for his ability to make it look like he was actually dying. Quinn, however,  credits his co-stars, two terrorists from Pakistan who actually put Serafin into his juice box while he he sat at lunch hours before the shoot.  “These guys are so into what they do, its incredible.  They have me on my toes the entire time.  The studio is like my work place, and also a place where I know I’m going to die real soon.  These men are so deadly, and yet still able to get their lines right while committing heinous acts.  Its a gift.   They should all win Emmy’s.”


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