MBTA brings closure to runaway train

MBTA driver David Vazquez, of Canton, got off the inbound train just after 6 a.m. in Braintree to check a problem when suddenly, the train began to move, as trains often do when they have a concrete block placed on the gas pedal.

The train rolled through Quincy Adams, Quincy Center and Wollaston stations  as it often does with a driver behind the wheel, never mind without.   The train finally stopped just past North Quincy after personnel cut power to the third rail.

The MBTA issued an apology to those who were on this frightful ride, and have offered them each a refund of 85 cents; payable in 4 monthly installments or as one lump sum in the year 2018.  As for Vazquez, he has requested full pay for the day, as his train made good on its route, and stated there is no clause stipulating the driver has to arrive with the train.


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