Bowe Bergdahl worth five billion?

According to reports, the US trade for Bowe Bergdhal was not just the five for one prisoner swap it was once reported to be.  The US also handed over 5 billion dollars to the Taliban for the wonderful gift of the traitorous Bergdhal.  When asked why he would pay this sum, President Obama replied, “Cuz I know a deal when I see one.  Originally they wanted 7 billion, but I waited cuz they always have sales in the Mideast at the end of the month.  When they asked for 5.5, I talked them down to four.”  We pointed out that final deal was five.  “Oh,” replied Obama,  “I must have tossed in a small tip.”

Bergdahl will most likely be sent to jail once his trial ends; meanwhile the Taliban has spent the money on tanks and guns and gone on a killing spree headed by the five thugs we sent back to them.  Obama is currently working on another deal whereby we release 15 former Taliban terrorists into the wild in exchange for Bergdahl’s hat, a small canteen, and several pairs of his US Army issued underwear.


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