New Muslim restaurant causing a stir

BOSTON MA- A new restaurant that is owned and operated by a local mosque is causing quite a stir. Located at 475 Tremont street “Aloha Snackbar” serves up treats that most find pretty offensive. Drinks include the “San Bernagrinio” and “72 Virgin Daquiri”


Nee Restaurant “Aloha Snackbar” causing controvery
Appetizers include a “Hamas” platter.   Main courses such as Turkey on Syrian bread with a side of Martyr-Potatoes, and dessert offerings such as the “Fort Hoodsie Cup.”  Also the items list at the controversial price of $9.11 on the menu, that  isn’t sitting well with the locals.

The restaurant’s website lists entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings by the house bands “Iraq the cash bar ” and “Death to America.”

The FBI has stated that the kitchen of the restaurant has been raided several times after people were heard angrily asking where the “Ice is?”


One thought on “New Muslim restaurant causing a stir

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