Movie Review: Black Mass

We took the staff to see this movie over the weekend, and came away unimpressed.  Black Mass has some great acting, but its a story about a guy who just went to jail for his numerous crimes, so we’re all updated on the story.  Nothing unexpected happens.  Whitey commits crimes, kills people and then gets away.  We’ve read about this story for years.  If the director had any balls, he would have made Whitey a raging homo who fudgepacks his victims to death and then buries them with their penises crammed into their mouths.  John Connolly,  the FBI agent who aids and abets Whitey would have been forced to watch these sexual escapades and then try to keep a straight face when he’s asked by his boss if Whitey is getting into crack.  Johnny Depp plays a villain very well, which is not surprising since its well documented that in real life Johnny is a total asshole.


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