Fake Craigslist ad of the week December 2, 2015

For Sale sports memorabilia – Essex

I have for sale some autographed memorabilia.

I have a rare Tom Brady on a 99 restaurant napkin, which still has a mustard stain. Asking $400000. The authenticity of this autograph has been verified by my friends and one neighbor, Tom is being a dick though and denies he signed the napkin. In fact just don’t bring this up to him if you see him.

Also a Pedro Martinez autographed Ice Cream wrapper, this is a one of a kind item. The autograph is slightly worn but the wrapper is mint, asking $1billion, will consider trading for a car or possibly a Bernie 2016 sign.

I also have the “holy grail” of autographs, a very rare Abe Lincoln autographed IPhone  with 4 never before seen nudes of Mary Todd on the camera roll.


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