NYPD cop under investigation 

A New York City police sergeant was recently caught on camera beating an unarmed black male, while another unidentified officer just watched and did nothing.  The black male, shown below, was cornered and had nowhere to go, yet the policeman just continued the onslaught, using every piece in his arsenal and even getting help from what we believe was a first year officer, as he was referred to by the sergeant as the ‘rook.’

The incident took place in Times Square, many onlookers were shocked at the sight and quickly started chanting “we’re not pawns”

When reached for comment Jesse Jackson said, “This is an implorable irreconcilable deception of the humanitarian collective bargaining chip of the,” …..we hung up the phone as Mr. Jackson was making zero sense and appeared to be suffering from a diabetic seizure or some shit.


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