Walmart tosses hat into Syrian debate

BENTONVILLE AR- Walmart corporate in Bentonville, Arkansas has released a statement with regards to the Syrian refugee debate that reads in part, “Walmart takes our national security very seriously, and as of today we will no longer stock Syrian bread, and in an effort to stand together with France we are now removing all Syrian bread products especially those that were inadvertently located next to French bread.”

Company spokesman Walter Mart added, “In a time of tragedy we need to make our customers feel safe, we are not going to stock these products at this time and will revisit it’s stocking as soon as we feel it is appropriate, but fear not as we have increased our deliveries of wraps and tortillas.”

We reached out to Brian Grandgeorge,from Quincy who was fired yesterday from the Braintree Walmart.   He said, “I honestly didn’t think I did anything wrong, I was eating my antipasto salad from Nick the Greeks and it seems some Syrian bread made refuge in the container and I was let go for what my CSM called ‘destroying the sanctity of the break room.’ It’s ridiculous because I usually like to dip a piece of sub roll in my salad, not this radical extremist bread.”



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