Syrian Refugee Solution

We at the Beantown Beatdown spend a lot of time in our cars, driving around the city digging up facts to back up stories. We also make up a shit ton of stuff without leaving the house, but we digress.  The point is that traffic around here lasts from early morning till about 730 at night.  Speaking from a purely selfish standpoint, we suggest telling these Syrians trying to enter the USA that the answer is no, you can’t come in.  We have too much traffic.  The last thing we need is another 5000 cars on the road, with Syrians inside them.  Not only that, but from a geometric standpoint its a no- brainer.

Follow along if you will.   If I sit in my car in traffic and I’m behind a Prius, I am let’s say for example 4000 yards from my drinking destination.  Now for the sake of argument , let’s say the Prius owner is replaced by some Syrian prick in one of those big assed Cadillacs these Muslims love to drive around in.  Take the Prius off the road, insert the Caddy, and …..see the issue? It won’t fit in the space.  In order to accommodate this refugee, my car has to get pushed back another 5 feet due to the length of his gas guzzler.  Multiply that equation several times over to account for all these Middle Eastern bastards on the road, and before you know it, I’m all the way back at my fucking house!   Thanks Obama.   Unless we are planning on building a separate Syrian roadway, these people need to go pound sand, and from the map I’m looking at, they got plenty of that to go around.


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