Common core math pisses off 5 out of 4 parents

Common Core, the national standard for learning and teaching our youngsters is pissing off parents left and right. Many parents that are familiar with actual math say that the new standard for teaching our new generation is mediocre at best.

An example of how stupid common core math is can be summed up in just a handful of homework assignments that have been leaked to the Beantown Beatdown.

Question 1.

How do you make 10 from 8+5?

The answer is this , 8+2= 10 with 3 left over. If you tried to explain this logic to a drug user, you’d end up bleeding to death on the floor of your apartment with a slit throat.  Hookers also don’t care for common core bullshit.  A hand job is 25 dollars, if you carry anything over, they’ll just take it as a tip and toss in a wet finger or two up your anus.  Any normal human being would say 8+5 can never equal 10.


Question 2.

If Sam rides the bus to school everyday but Micheal walks to school, whose mom is hotter?

The answer is Micheal.  Sam is taking the bus on the state’s dime, which leads us to the conclusion that his mom is a heroin addict and can’t get her shit together.

Question F. See what we mean?



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