Bernie Sanders talks free college

Sanders and Clinton play uncle sam says
Candidates were asked to “Make a W with their arms”

During Saturday nights’ Democratic Presidential Debate, Bernie Sanders D-VT unveiled his highly anticipated free college plan.

Under the plan, anyone in the USA will be awarded a scholarship to a four-year college or university. Under this model he estimates that 100% of America will enroll in higher education. As questions arise as to who will pay for the “free college” Mr. Sanders simply said, “People.”

The big question regarding the free college policy is what’s in it for all the former college graduates? Mr. Sanders put our minds at ease when he stated that the policy would be retroactive going back to 1776. Per his policy anyone who ever attended college or had ancestors that attended will be reimbursed 100%. Crunching the numbers on this one seems pretty difficult, but soon I’ll be a wicked smart math genius who graduated Harvard fo’ free.

Another controversial Sanders plan is the “who will police the police policy” in which the police are policed by citizens. We asked Mr. Sanders to clarify asking, “If we’re the police policing the police then who will police the police policing the police?” To which he replied, “The Coast Guard.”


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