New Orleans Saints , %$$ You

I was down to one team in a 10,000 dollar survivor pool when the Saints porked me with a play so inane I thought I was watching the Special Olympics.

Did you see the Saints play that led to the loss?   14-3 lead, Titans QB Marcus Mary frigging Ota tosses a cheese ball basted in duck sauce directly to the secondary. Its going to be the Saints ball, up 14-3, but no….. Two guys go for it, collide, tip it up for grabs.   Black lives matter, but apparently only when they aren’t playing secondary for the Saints.  I’m just telling you what my TV is showing me.  We got two important lives on one play, tipping it to a third black lifer, Titans Tight end Delanie Walker, who takes the gift wrapped tipped ball, sends a thank you note and runs to pay dirt – 14-10. Momentum crushed, Saints go on to lose.  Frigging blasted idiots.  I may sue for breach of contract, my TV said professional football.   Ever hear of communicating?  Send signal from brain to vocal cords to yell “I fucking got it!! Get the fuck away from the area, so help me or I’ll run into the locker room, grab my gun and put three bullets in your cranium from point blank range and then defecate on your body for a 15 yard penalty.”   Or “Mine!!  My ball, mine, mine, mine.”  Shit like that goes a long way to winning.  Do these teams practice this stuff?  Or just the Patriots do it , and everyone else sits around the training field gawking at photos of Greg Hardy’s beat downs?


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