ISIS , Are they gay?

The terrorist group ISIS was seen yesterday hunkered down in caves in Pakistan, fondling one another and engaging in gay sexual acts.

ISIS is known to despise Christians, Jews and gays, so this behavior is quite shocking.  We spoke with Ikmad Bumplunge, an immigrant who fled the ISIS Terror and now resides in East Boston.  He had this to say after watching the video.  “ISIS was started with the unofficial name of Islamists Suck Ikmads Schmeckle. I’m very familiar with their tactics. To me it shows they are cracking.”  We asked if he thought the pressure was getting to ISIS, who have not gained any substantial territory since issuing their manifesto.  “No”, he said, “by cracking I mean, they are placing their tiny dicks in the ass cavities of other men.  Cracking is what I call it.”  “But what does it mean,” we implored.  “Horny.  Very horny men, spending long periods of time away from wife and family.  Pressure builds up in the penis, and this is one way to release it.  Camels are also an option.  I prefer the llama.  The llama is warmer and has a soft fleshy….”  At this point we left the Bumplunge residence, jumped in the van and sped off.

Sources say Dennis Hof to open Love Ranch in Afghanistan… Seen here

 … In an exclusive interview Hof said, “I cater to all needs, whether they be Christian , Islamic or Islamic.” He went on to say, “Where do you think the phrase ‘camel toe’ came from??”


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