Fat People on Airlines To Get Weighed?

A movement is taking place in Europe that will force fat people to pay what they weigh at the airport.  The movement, started by skinny people, is gaining ground and it is expected that the US airlines, never ones to shy away from making more money from their duplicitous scales, will jump on board as well.

Delta Airlines has stated that they are instituting an “All passengers must eat this cheeseburger before standing on the scale” Policy and several other airlines have considered changing their names to go along with the new pay what you weigh policy. Jet Blue will now be Jet Cellulite.  TWA will remain TWA, but it will stand for Those Wide Asses.  United Airlines will become U Big Fucking Load Airline$.  Frontier Airlines has already begun to market their airline towards fat customers, replacing the back section of the plane with a make – your- own sundae bar, and ripping out the first class seats and replacing them with bean bag chairs.  The big loser in all this is the airline janitor who has to clean up the self induced vomit from all the cheap skate fatties as they prepare to head towards the scales.

The business model is expected to be a bigger success than the now defunct Ethiopian Airlines Pay What You Weigh Program which saw a net loss of -270$ per plane load of passengers.


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