Scariest places in Massachusetts

In honor of Halloween here is a list of the scariest places in Massachusetts. Please note these are the scariest places ranked on the Beantown scale and not necessarily the scariest places as ranked by Trip Advisor.

The troughs at Fenway

Location:  Fenway Park.

Backstory, ok picture you’re about 7 years old. Now picture your at a baseball game and have to take a pee-pee. Imagine the horror when you step into the bathroom and pull out your little peanut to pee and see that the only thing to urinate into looks like an old tub and their are old men with their “Elephant Snouts” all surrounding your peanut.

Upham Corner.

Location:  Dorchester Massachusetts.

Backstory, Picture yourself in the worst neighborhood in Iraq, now switch out the Arabs with minorities and bam!

Salem Massachusetts

Location: Duh Salem.

Backstory, back in the 1600’s the Salem witch trials were all the rage, now in the 2000’s dressing like a hotdog and marching around chanting shit is the new fad. This location can go either way as 70% of the time you see creepy ass old men dressed up as Smurfs and 30% of the time you see hot chicks dressed in nothing but their undies.


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