Greg Hardy has sideline spat with Dez Bryant!

The Dallas Cowboy circus continued yesterday as Greg Hardy and Dez Bryant were seen on camera screaming at each.  Hardy recently returned to the team after a long suspension due to domestic violence, so it was strange seeing him actually fight with a man for a change.  It appears from the sideline audio that Greg mistakenly thought Bryant’s first name was Desi.  The exchange went like this:

Bryant:  Calm down bitch, calm your shit down.

Hardy:  Who you calling bitch, bitch!

Bryant:  What , you ain’t a bitch?  Slapping little girls around, that sounds like a bitch to me.

Hardy:  Come here, I’ll unhook your bra and choke you with the straps.

Bryant:  What?

Hardy:  I’ll make a sling shot with your panties and shoot my rock hard bunions at your sweet little muffin you slut whore.

Bryant:  Greg?  You in there?

Hardy:  You want to get pregnant you flat titted ho?  I’ll pump seed into your birth hole and then mutate dat shit by stoving your stomach in with my foot.

Bryant:  Security!!  Stadium security!  Help!


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