Kate Hudson doesn’t know how a dress works

Kate Hudson made the trending news over the past 48 hours, getting trapped in her dress while trying to pee.  In most of America this classifies as a shithead move that people hide from; in Hollywood it trends as news.

It appears from the Instagram photos online that the starlet pulled the dress over her head to go number one, and then realized she could not escape.  We asked several women if this occurs often, and we were told that most dresses do not require a pull over in order to take a leak, a shit, a tampon change, a douche, a pre-wash, a rub, a finger job, a fluffer, a snappy sanchez, a reach around rim job, or a mucky lambchop. As always when you ask a female a question, more detail than we needed, but we get the point.

The questions left unanswered were  (show picture by clicking here) why Kate urinates in the sink, whether or not she took the piss into the dress, and lastly how can we get our hands on the item, or has it already been sealed in a case at Planet Hollywood with the only access to it being a round sniff hole in the glass.

Related: is it worse to be an actress trapped in a dress or a model trapped in Bill Cosby’s bedroom?


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