Obama Finally Told the Truth?

Obama has taken a lot of heat during his two terms for let’s just say, “lying thru his  teeth.”  In fact, Obama subjected himself to a lie detector test in 2010, and the machine ran out of ink.  Point is, the lie that angers people the most is the one where he told the public that “you can keep your doctor,” referring of course to the ObamaCare Bill that was passed into law shortly thereafter.  Our crack staff has learned however that Obama still sticks to what he said; that you can in fact ‘keep your doctor.’  How you ask?  Obama as we all know is no big fan of the history of America and the stain of slavery on its record.  So Obama researched it and discovered that 90 percent of doctors in the U.S. are Caucasian.  So when Obama said you can keep your doctor, he meant keep him….as a slave.  Implied but not written in the law is the fact that you can also sell your doctor to the highest bidder at auction. We at the Beantown Beatdown knew exactly what he was referring to by ‘keep,’ which is why we have a chiropractor chained to a chair in the back of our staff van.  Last week we sold an ear doctor to an elderly couple in Revere for $56 dollars and a case of beer.


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