Randy Quaid caught breaking into Vermont

HIGHGATE SPRINGS VERMONT-Randy Quaid was detained at the border trying to cross from Canada into the United States through the Vermont border town of Highgate Springs. Unlike the southern border of the US, the north actually has a system in place and uses a bunch of shit known as ‘laws’.  Quaid is best known for his roles as the nutty “Cousin Eddie” in the National Lampoons Vacation trilogy.

As you can see in the following series of pictures, the Quaids are crazy as fuck.
look at this one , is it just us or is he hoping to get an extra role in Christmas Vacation as both Eddie and Santa?  

Gnome alone…

This one I call the “Gandolf”

here’s the I can’t decide what drugs I want to ingest look
 Quaid and his wife Evi, have gone completely bat-shit crazy as of late. See the video of his wife ranting like a crazy cat person here.


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