Our very own science experiment

Our crackpot team of hair-brained scientists recently conducted several experiments to try and get to the bottom of the age old question… What gives dryer lint its color?

Our study, conducted with three different dryers, yielded some pretty remarkable results. Here’s the summary of the experiment:

Our first subject was a Maytag dryer, filled with various colors of clothing, this produced a gray to dark gray lint.

Our second trial was conducted with a Whirlpool dryer and was filled with all whites, this produced a light gray to gray lint.

Our third attempt was conducted with an LG dryer, and was filled with all black clothing, this produced a dark gray to gray lint.

We then went back to the Maytag and in an effort to advance the study, we filled it with all red clothing, again we were left with a gray, to light gray lint.

This was followed by a second try of the Whirlpool dryer, filled entirely with gray clothing, this resulted in a bright purple lint, with green highlights.

Our conclusions are that lint is completely fucked, and has no clue what color it wants to be.

Next week we will be studying mustard to find out why it pisses water on sandwiches before coming out of the container.


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