Fake Craigslist ad of the week: October 7th 2015


Let’s see what happens

Casual encounters: m4w (Braintree and S.Shore)

What I’m looking for:

A woman 18-25, 110.3-135.7lbs super fucking hot, don’t be gross or overweight

About me: I’m 47 years old, I have diabetes, high blood pressure, one tooth and weigh 400lbs.

Looking for you to come hangout with me at my place, NOTHING SEXUAL, just looking for a girl to come and wear some yellow fishing boots and repeatedly kick me in my balls and put my grandfather’s World War Two hand grenade up my ass. Not looking for anything sexual in nature like I said, maybe you can let me pour raviolis all over you then eat them from your privates in a non-sexual way, while my aunt and uncle videotape us.

lets see what happens, maybe you can shoot peanuts at me from a slingshot although I’m highly allergic, fuck it bring some Benadryl let’s make this shit happen.

If this sounds good respond with you’re favorite A-Team episode in the subject and I’ll get back to you.



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