NFL to Suspend Brady this season? 

Just when you thought it was safe to travel to a Pats game, the NFL is again turning up the heat on Tom Brady.  This time the league is trying to flip the appeal that was handed down in late August, and have it done sometime during the season to force Brady to sit out four games.

Brady practices his suspension
Brady practices his suspension

The NFL’s reason for going after one of its highest profile players?  Simple.  A chance for four of its teams to win a bleeping game.  Currently the Colts Ravens and Seahawks are 0-2 and their QB’s have looked like dried up dog shit.  This week the Patriots play the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have appealed to the NFL for some assistance in the game as they expect to get thoroughly smoked.  We discovered the list after hacking into the NFL’s computers, using the username Goodell, and the password Fuckt0mbrady!.

Dear NFL Officers,

Could you allow us to play with 13 players on defense, and as a concession, we will just use 12 on offense?

Can our linebackers place shanks inside their socks for use in the large piles?

Can we have a few extra time-outs?

Are snipers allowed at Gillette? We believe we can hit the target you suggested on the field a lot easier than at his house, which has a moat and numerous exit ways.


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