Stop Shooting Cops

Stop shooting cops!

We are facing a turning point in society where people feel that it’s ok to shoot police officers. Seriously? What is wrong with you people? I understand that there have been shootings of unarmed black men around the country, but does it mean that every cop has bad judgment? No of course not, what it means is a few nut jobs got through the process of becoming a police officer.

People have hated the police for longer than I’ve been on this earth, it’s not an easy job by any means, you have to see a man beat his wife, save a burning baby and then deal with people who don’t like or respect you because of what you do for a living.

If you are angry and start violent protests because “there’s no economic development in the neighborhood” maybe don’t burn the fucking place to the ground, ain’t nobody got time for that shit! Do you really think the “If you burn it they will come” philosophy is working? All you are doing is hurting yourself and future generations, you are securing no opportunities for employment.

I have witnessed the racial divide in America when I moved to the south. White people hate black people, black people hate white people and both hated me because I was a “Yankee.”   I am color blind.  I grew up in a neighborhood where it didn’t matter the color of your skin, but rather the integrity of your character.

As for shooting police officers, well if you thought they were trigger happy and made poor judgment calls, how do you think this whole situation will play out? Have you ever felt your life threatened? It doesn’t feel too good, now picture that feeling all day and night for the rest of your career.  More innocent people are going to die, all because someone said, “Let’s kill cops.”

To the residents of Ferguson Missouri, cut the shit! Was Michael Brown a fine young outstanding citizen? Was he worth burning your city for? Do you think if he was in your shoes he would do the same thing? No he wouldn’t because he was a selfish little punk who beat the shit out of an elderly man and posted the video to YouTube. If there is a poster child for innocence it is not Mike Brown. In my opinion you no longer deserve to have a police department, fuck it, fend for yourselves. When someone steals your car or hurts your family member, call your local Black Lives Matter Chapter and have them solve the crime for you!

Residents of Baltimore, you burned your city and caused millions of dollars worth of damage to your neighborhood, again this is not a very proactive way to better your community.  If you were out of work before the riot because there were no jobs, now look, you destroyed what little jobs you had.

My closing statement is this, it’s ok to not like something, but if you do things to make the situation worse then you have no one to blame but yourself, if you don’t like the police, don’t call them, don’t aggravate the situation. And if you really really hate the USA then move some place else, see ya!


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