Support group cancels meetings, looking for new venue

The Boston area Kleptomaniac’s Anonymous was kicked out of yet another facility.

For decades the group has struggled to maintain a relationship with other nonprofits and area businesses to hold their weekly support groups for those in need.

Their latest partner, The Museum of Fine Arts, has revoked their support after a series of missing items after each meeting. Head Kleptomaniac Eric ‘Sticky Fingers’ Gordon had this to say from the Monet room in his Chelsea home, “It seems like every place we go we get kicked out of, and it feels pretty damn discriminatory that they are blaming us for missing items.”

We asked Eric if he could please stop trying to take our iPad as we were conducting the interview. He replied, “See right there! you are blaming me for trying to steal something just because I have a horrible disease.”

We told Eric that we also wouldn’t feel too comfortable letting an alcoholic hold our drinks for us, and if he could please stop trying to take our i

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