America a bad place to vacation?

On a recent road trip I found myself admiring all of the license plates of fellow road trippers. I saw plenty of other states represented as well as all the Canadian Provinces. Then I noticed something that nobody seems to care about.

Where are all the Mexican vacationers? I was on the road for over 12 hrs and didn’t see a single Mexican family on vacation. Do we have a bad reputation with our neighbors to the south? Do we not run ads to inform them of all the wonderful vacation destinations we have to offer?

I’ve been hearing lately that we need to build a wall around our border, I can’t agree more, we need to seal the massive influx of Canadians that are storming our beaches and ski resorts!

As far as Mexico goes we really need to look at running a serious ad campaign to start bringing in some Mexican families to see the US, and spend some of their hard earned Pesos.


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