Your own personal Yesuz?

Kanye West announced during the VMA’s that he was running for President. Is there anything this idiot won’t say or do? He said, “As of this moment I am announcing my run for President and I am also announcing my candidacy for Pope, and Prime Minister of Cameroon.” As it turns out E! has revealed its fall line up with a few new shows. Keeping up with the Kardashian’s, I was Bruce, I am Cait and, Keeping up with Kanye’s bullshit. All are sure to be massive hits with the ‘My life sucks so I watch stupid shows and fantasize about them crowd’

The other shocking announcement Kanye made was that his running mate will be Caitlynn Jenner saying, “Caitlynn will be the first female Vice President and Beyoncé is better than Taylor Swift.”

Kanye stole the moment away from Hannah Montana’s titties much to the dismay of fat perverts worldwide. Don’t worry though folks – we have a link to her titties right here
Warning this is a full frontal of Miley Cyrus’ itty bitty titties and is NSFW.


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