Caitlynn Jenner may face charges

Prosecutors announced last Thursday that they may seek vehicular manslaughter charges against Caitlynn Jenner.

Jenner was hauling an off-road vehicle on a trailer behind her Cadillac Escalade on Feb. 7 when she steered to avoid cars slowing for a traffic light in front of her on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.  As a result, Caitlynn ended up killing another driver and injuring two others.  It should be noted that the other three victims were not transsexuals.  Lawyers for these victims made it clear they had each made a decision a long time ago to stick with the junk God gave them.

Lawyers for Jenner have said that this case is bogus citing that Caitlynn Jenner didn’t exist on February 7. “We have undisputed evidence that Caitlynn was not driving; she didn’t exist until April which is two whole months after the accident. What we should focus on is the the current location of Bruce Jenner, he was photographed at the scene and has since apparently fled.”

Had the accident occurred in April it would be a clear cut case for a number of reasons – number one the eye witnesses would remember seeing Caitlynn at the scene, and number two -science has proven women are horrible drivers, in fact the top three list of worst drivers is as follows:

1 Asian women

2 Asians

3 Women

Beantown legal analysts have said the case could be the first ever example of vehicular translaughter in the history of the world.

Another question that we must ask is:

What’s worse, being a man trapped in a woman’s body or being a women trapped in my basement?


7 thoughts on “Caitlynn Jenner may face charges

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  1. I sure hope that Caitlynn made all of these changes for the right reason… I feel she may have done this to get out of going to prison… I am a fan.. and I am happy for her if she did it for the right reasons..


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