NBA player Matt Barnes of the Memphis Grizzlies has some ‘splaining’ to do

NBA player Matt Barnes has been making bold claims about dating Rihanna over the past week. The only problem is that Rihanna has no clue who he is. Nor do most NBA fans, but then again, Matt isn’t claiming to be banging

Barnes issued a statement yesterday clarifying the issue.  “I am not dating Rihanna,” he said as he tossed a photo of the pop singer, which we noted was covered in some sort of slime, into a barrel behind him.  He then took out a photo of Shakira, introduced the media to his new dame, then proceeded to grab a bottle of soft soap and headed into the men’s room with a large bulge in his pants.  He exited ten minutes later, and held another press conference where he stated that he was breaking up with Shakira, and was now in a serious relationship with click here to see Matt’s new love


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