Rhonda Rousey actually a guy?

After Rhonda Rousey’s quick knockdown of Bethe Correia, many in the sports world are wondering how this woman does it.  Some fighting experts believe Rhonda is not female, which would explain both why her fights end so quickly, and also why, despite her fairly nice features, she just can’t seem to get us male viewers erect no matter how hard we try. Click here to see Bruce Jenner with tits

Bob Bothways, an expert in male and female genitalia who has an office in Mangina MA, had this to offer.  “I can see traces of a prick in her tight short shorts, but I also get a strong whiff of vagina when I’m ringside, so it’s pretty clear to me what’s going on.

She’s got testosterone running thru her veins, giving her super powers which allow her to pummel on the everyday average girl.  But she can also whip it out and spread her demon seed all over a broad’s ovaries, its a pretty deadly combination.”

We asked Bob if he thought it would be more fair to have Rhonda fight men.  “I think men tend to on average outperform women in athletics, so to answer your question, yes, I think a man could probably last a good 45 seconds in there with this wildebeest.  I think a more fair fight would be verses two men, with Rhonda wasted on ecstasy and sleeping pills, or she could fight a gorilla.  That would be a win win, cuz if she lost, it would set up the obvious return match with a baboon, and if she won, we could all watch the PETA people chase her out to her car while she toothpicks gorilla meat out of her oversized chompers.”


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