IK Enemkpali broke Geno Smith’s jaw over a $600 plane ticket

NY Jet IK Enemkpali sucker punched and broke QB Geno Smith’s jaw for not paying him $600 for a plane ticket. The ticket was purchased through Priceline for $275, but because Smith sucks at packing clothes, Enemkpali was charged an extra $325 in baggage fees.

Unfortunately for Enemkpali the NFL has serious issues with paying someone millions of dollars if they are going to bitch and moan about $600, so the Jets released him on Tuesday.

We spoke to Smith about the confrontation and he had this to say, “jhhdbks mmmmm grrrrr, iiiiiii crrrrrr bkkkkkkk.”

As none of us in the Beantown Beatdown office are fluent in jaw wired shut, we held a vote with 70% of us insisting he said, “I was going to pay him back.” The other 20% thought he said, “Jews hate me cause I’m black.” That made no sense.  The remaining % that adds up to 100 combining with the first two numbers didn’t offer an opinion saying, “This fuckers drooling everywhere, we out.”

So far, reports suggest Smith will be out 6-10 weeks.

There was no actual footage of the incident; we speculate it happened exactly like this.

Update: The Buffalo Bills have since claimed Enemkpali  for two reasons.  One is that current head coach Rex Ryan has great respect for Enemkpali, since Rex wanted to punch Geno after every game last season,  The Bills are also hoping his ‘I’ll do anything for $600 attitude’ translates on the field. Early reports suggest the Bill’s have painted the visiting teams end zone with six gigantic pictures of hundred-dollar bills.


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