Beantown writer: I’m trans too

Beantown Exclusive:

Beantown Beatdown writer ‘SpEcIaL eD’ has been living a secret life, we have the exclusive story here.

SpEcIaL eD, a founding member of the Beantown Beatdown staff, made a shocking confession this week; he simply stated: “I’m trans too, and I want to set the record straight.” We immediately jumped on the bandwagon and had him sit down for an interview.

We asked, “When did you first realize you were different?”  He replied, “I would say it was around 7th grade,” adding, “I never really felt comfortable in the clothes I was wearing or the way I saw myself in the mirror.” We also asked if Caitlyn Jenner landing a TV deal had anything to do with the timing of his confession to which he said, “Honestly… no, I mean there’s really no connection at all to me, I am currently living my dream lifestyle, I started transitioning when I was in 8th grade.”

We followed that bombshell with the obvious, “So eD, you were born a girl and transitioned into a boy, yet you still have bitch titties?” He said, “Fuck no! I was born skinny, but I always felt like I was fat, and trapped within my own body. I’m not trans sexual guys, what the fuck! I’m trans-fat,” adding, “You fuckers thought I was the other thing? What the fuck!”

We were confused so we asked, “So why do you have those big old bitch tits?” He answered, “Because I’m living my unhealthy dream of zero exercise and eating cake by the pounds.”

eD continued, “If that NAACP leader can be trans-race, I can be trans-fat.”


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