Possible heroin addict proud of ‘new’ car

Probable drug addict is living the dream



Brittany Lynn Douglas is proud of her recent shady purchase- no, not the suspicious bag of white powder, her ‘new’ 1987 Honda Accord. Brittany was recently spotted cruising the streets in her car, which is of an unknown color due to the copious amounts of bondo and spray paint (we think it’s maroon).

“She was proud as fuck that she saved up enough heroin money to buy this vehicle,” said Ron Jon, her pimp/ heroin dealer/roommate. “It took her over a year to save up the $500.00 to buy the piece of shit but she’s happy.”

I asked Brittany what she thought of the vehicle; her reply: “I like that it’s faster than walking and it has room in the back for me to make a quick buck, or shoot up.”

When asked what her favorite feature of the car was she said, “It has an AM/FM radio which is kind of cool.” For this writer it sure was a good sight to see how proud she was driving that damn car.

Update: Brittany’s car has since broken down and has been abandoned.


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