Local zoo makes remarkable discovery

Franklin Park Zoo discovers a problem with its breeding program


Boston Massachusetts Zoologist Mike Greenberg has a heavy burden of trying to save species that are labeled “threatened” or “endangered “; one such
species is the Polar Bear. Of the four adult Polar Bears the zoo has on hand , two are male the other two female. One bear in particular named Barry has been quiet difficult to work with. “We first noticed something wrong when Barry turned fourteen,” Greenberg stated.

What Greenberg is referring to is Barry’s mood changes. ” One minute he was fine, the next a total asshole,” stated Greenberg, a Jew, who therefore knows what he’s talking about.

What’s more, claims Greenberg, is that after some other strange behavior like showing an interest in both male and females of his species, Barry was diagnosed as the worlds’ first and to anyone’s knowledge bipolar – bisexual Polar Bear. “It’s really sad to think that Barry is the only Bipolar Bi-Polar Bear, and he might not get to breed.”

Other scientists are more enthusiastic that this crazy ass bear has no chance of procreation. “Look, this bear is bad news for both the bipolar community and the bisexual community, he’s a fucking joke,” stated Brian Cleaver, an expert animal psychologist that specializes in both disorders.


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