First ever reported reincarnated Muslim speaks out

Are Muslims tricking themselves?


Beantown Exclusive:

Ameribad Afghanistan- Mohammad Ahmed Bin Al Kuwaitaminute, is speaking of his recent near death experience and the afterlife. Speaking to a crowd of mostly illiterate and ignorant people, Al Kuwaitaminute had this to say: “I bring news from the heavens, Allah has been tricking us, I died and went to heaven and received 72 virgins, all of which were males that worked at the Apple Store, Luckily for me I was brought back to life so I can share with you this ruse don’t die for his name all you will get is random men virgins.”

I asked Al Kuwaitaminute how he got to heaven  and he said, “I was make bomb to kill American and Kurds when all-of-a-sudden it makes bootishky noise and I wake up in hospital.”

He went on to say “I’m starting to feel like our faith might owe the world an apology… I will no more chant ‘Death to America’ instead I will chant ‘Slight bodily harm to America.”


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