Fun parks not fun for some

Fat people getting the shaft at theme parks?

A New Hampshire theme park is taking some heat after what some are calling ‘Public shaming’ incidents. The park, which has not given us permission to publish their name but, we can say it rhymes with ‘Shanobi Blake’ has been accused of making obese people wait in line for a ride, then as they are about to start the ride announce ‘We are sorry but you are too fat to ride this attraction.’ Local heifer Fred Gammon said, “listen I paid the $40.00 to get into this place, now I can’t have the slightest bit of fun, its fucking ridiculous!” another fat piece of shit that was in attendance said she understands the safety concerns but maybe the park could go about it differently saying, “I understand the safety aspect but they made announcements over a loudspeaker that I was too fat to ride, couldn’t they just have someone standing there with a stick like the ones they use to see if you are tall enough but hold them sideways to see if you are too wide to ride.” A petition has been drafted calling on the park to have the turnstiles adjusted so that if a patron’s waist can’t fit through it then they can’t enter the park.


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