Hotdog eating champions crowned

Annual hotdog eating championships held this past holiday weekend

Here’s the list of winners:

Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Championship – New York City.

Woman’s Division: 

A fierce battle erupted between Niki ‘Deep Throat’ Como and Shelly ‘Five bucks for a BJ’ Anderson, with Como prevailing.

Men’s Division:

Bruce ‘Just put the tip in’ Garrison beat off Wayne ‘I’m not gay’ Richardson in less then 5 minutes. Also he won the hotdog thing.

Kayem Hotdog Eating Championship – Boston, Massachusetts

Woman’s Division:

Peggy ‘I can go all the way to the balls’ Young took the prize over Gail ‘I like mayo on the hotdog’ Pierce.

Men’s Division:

Sammy ‘My scout leader touched me’ Vanderbilt took out Barry
‘It was college – I experimented’ Lowenstien.

Oscar Myer Wiener Invitational – Los Angeles, California

Woman’s Division:

Rain ‘I’m just putting my self through college’ Dusk beat Mary ‘Just not in the eyes’ Golddigger.

Men’s Division:

Nikita ‘Please sir can I have another’ Bistrov took the yellow from Xi ‘Me Chinese me play joke’ Nguyen.

Anorexic Division:

This was down to the wire until Shannon ‘I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be right back’ Templeton passed out and her mouth made contact with a hotdog,making her the champion.


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