Japanese World Cup Women’s Soccer team were menstruating in Finals vs. USA

Tampax to sponsor Japanese woman’s soccer team after defeat?

The thrashing the US put on the Japanese Women’s Soccer team had something to do with the ability of the US team, but more to do with the fact the Japanese were in the midst of their periods.

Frank Flow, a specialist in detecting periods in women for the Menstrual Cycle Institute, had this to say. “Yuck.” We asked him if he could possibly elaborate. He said, “Dark shorts were a good choice.”

The Japanese came out very lethargic, and immediately starting bitching about calls. The coach said he had to make a fast maneuver and quickly forced the issue with two quick substitutions.

He essentially subbed in two players who were not menstruating, hence his language about having to ‘pull the string.’ The subs were not quality players, and were fatigued, having been banged the previous night by flannel wearing Canadian lumberjacks.

The TV crew noticed the Japanese team was menstruating, so they let the viewer in on it by showing the period icon in the uppershowing the period icon in the upper corner of the screen. corner of the screen.  We asked Frank if any other teams suffered from periods. “Another team that was obviously dealing with cramps were the hometown Canadian women. The Canadians are more outdoorsy types and don’t use tampons, so the icon used on TV to indicate they were ragging can be seen by clicking here , which these butchy dikes apparently use to clog up the hole by stuffing them into their vageegees.”


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