New study finds old saying full of shit

New Study finds that old saying crock of shit

A new study conducted by Research for Race Relations has found that once you go black, chances are you will go back. The study, which was conducted over a twenty year period, found that 75% of the participants went back, sometimes as early as three months from going black. Most of the all-female participants were overweight white women with the middle name of Lynn. Of the 25% that didn’t go back, 100% were fat as all hell. The 25 percent are now being studied to determine if they never went back because they were satisfied with black, or if it was due to the fact they had zero other
options. This would be due to their ass size and the recently widened vaginal cavity, otherwise known as the ‘broomstick down the hallway’ model.
Dr. Federico Rodriguez said, “It was interesting for us to prove the never go back theory to be false, we are now testing a few more theories such as
the ‘Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice’ theory and whether or not a big ass is actually ‘more cushion for the pushin,’ or just a lame excuse for
a man who can only attract 400 pound hefties.


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