Beantown Beatdown goes 4 for 4

Beantown Beatdown predictions are gold!

On June 2, 2015 the Beantown Beatdown made three predictions:

First off we predicted American Pharoah would win the Triple Crown by a large margin.

The Chicago Blackhawks would beat the Tampa Bay Lighting in six.

The Golden State Warriors would beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in six.

All three were accurate: Read the original post here.

Then as fate would have it, we said on June 25, 2015 that The Dukes of Hazzard would need to be edited or pulled. Read that story here:

Now here is ABC news story on Dukes of Hazzard:

Not to toot our own horn, but for a site that dedicates hours on end to pure speculation; we nailed it!

A big Shoutout to Palaver for making these incredible predictions.

Predictions for this coming weekend:

In the World Cup Finals, the USA and Japan will provide plenty of hot ass running around the field. Occasionally when the ball is chested or a player turns up the field, our view of her tits or buttocks will be blocked but hang tight, there are plenty of cameras Fox can switch to, so the view will soon track back to the good stuff.

We predict the USA will win, only because these games seem highly tilted in the U.S.’s favor. FIFA, as corrupt an organization as there is, understands that to grow the game, the biggest country in the world must have its eyes on the set. Last night’s no red card on the takedown that led to the German PK had Sepp Blatter’s greasy handprints all over it. I could have sworn that when the play occurred, I overheard a large stack of money being dropped into a briefcase. If the refs don’t make any controversial calls that favor the USA, then Japan will win the game, but that ain’t gonna happen.

In baseball, there will be a no hitter by the end of the weekend. If it doesn’t happen in the MLB, then we will scour the newspapers of every third world country for a box score that shows a no-no, but expect it to happen in the NL.

Also we predict that at least two people will die from fireworks in the U.S., and one of them will be the result of not understanding that our firework tips were pure satire, and not meant to be tried at home.





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